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Matching Clothes for Dogs and their Owners

Ceren Yilmaz: Fashion for Pet Lovers


MONAMU’s matching hoodies have humorous, funny and emotional designs for both dogs and their owners. Many people are willing to represent their strong attachment to their dogs, and Monamu designs enable this without saying a word. For our launch, three of our designs are ready for production; which are:

  • Poodie
  • Beware!
  • Just Love

Also, we are ready to produce a waterproof vest that comes in two colors for both dogs and their owners.

Besides matching hoodies and vests, we have additional product ideas for the future. For example, companies don’t produce dog beds with separately sold washable sheets.

Since we saw the lack of it, we are planning to design such a product in order to make this issue more convenient for dog owners.


My relevance to entrepreneurship derives from my passion which is helping animals around the world. I believe we must choose our professional career right and well to live a happy life with a deep sense of satisfaction.

At that point, we shape our own career path with the opportunities that we create by our own choices. That’s why I wanted to integrate my passion to my future occupation.


I already have a manufacturer, a tax advisor and a lawyer. I take care of the designs, operations, website and marketing. I will outsource the delivery of my products. Basically, I need capital in order to accelerate my progress.