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a collective of senior technology specialists from Berlin

Sebastian Melz: Passionate Entrepreneur and Start-up Enthusiast

Sebastian Melz (founder)


petitcode – a collective of senior technology specialists from Berlin, who offer consulting, hiring and first hand development services. Regardless of which stage you are now, our assistance will always include senior level consultancy services for your campaign, product and project as well as technical development of apps, websites, shops or media content. We foster a decentralised and transparent approach and have built a senior freelance network, where freelancers can work remotely and productively at their office of choice.


Since 2013 I couldn´t stop thinking about creating my first own startup. Hence, me and my founding partner Guy de Macedo Behrndt created FSB while still studying in Paris. Later on we both wrote our Master Thesis' about the startup. The final foundation of FSB was August 2015. Later that same year I found the IT-Agency petitcode due to an ever increasing network.


  1. SRH can suggest petitcode(PC) as a technical service to their network. We are emphasizing the fact that we only source top-notch senior freelancers. Our clients and partners can be 100% sure that we only provide them with excellent staff/ freelancers/ projects/ products.
  2. Furthermore, PC is always looking for more talents to join the network or being further recommended to partners in the network.
  3. Freelance Sales-Person based on commission.