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Platform for bands and musicians

Maximilian Brückner & Jan Gimpel-Henning: Make music wherever you are, whenever you find the time for it


Traxo is a social music platform that allows musicians to collaboratively work on song projects in the browser and stay connected while being apart.

We offer a project menu to invite friends and organize the projects as well as a simple-to-use Digital Audio Workstation. Ideas can be shared quickly, song creation processes are sped up.

We want artists not to be restricted by time or location when it comes to living out their passion. Traxo enables band members to contribute to compositions wherever they are, whenever they find the time for it.

Our vision is to build the biggest interactive social music platform on the web. Don't break up your band - bring it to the cloud!

How it all began

I am a lyricist, rapper and songwriter for more than 10 years now. When my band was about to split up some time ago because me and another member were about to move to another city, I came up with the idea of Traxo - an online song-composing platform to stay connected and productive with my band while being apart from each other.


Passionate musicians from every genre that are open to use all channels to create unique music.