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"Schlag den Raab" for friends

Gernot Stöcker: A Compendium of Games


WhatAGame is following a trend in which people are increasingly interested in health and fitness and are craving new kinds of entertainment that are physically active and adrenaline fuelled.

We offer our customers the opportunity to challenge their friends by participating in 15 different games in the fields of sports, knowledge, tactics and skills through attending only one event.

The game format resembles the one of the well-known German TV show "Schlag den Raab".


I have always enjoyed all kinds of sports and games from when I was young.

By offering an innovative game format to fun-seeking people, I give them the chance to challenge their friends in a format that does not only require the use of their bodies but also their brains.

In order to get people to become more physically active and to enable them to participate in a game format like "Schlag den Raab", I founded WhatAGame.


We are currently looking for open-minded, motivated and positive people to become a gamemaster at WhatAGame.