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Our University Faculty & Team Hartmann, Michael

Prof. Dr.
Michael Hartmann

Academic Director

Berlin School of Technology (in foundation),
Study Programme Director M.Eng. Engineering and International Business & M.Eng. Engineering and Sustainable Technology Management

Room H.819

Telephone: +49 30 374 374-320

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  • Fundamentals of Renewable Energies
  • Knowledge Management
  • Quantitative methods

Office Hours

Tuesday, 3-5 p.m., room: H.819

Short CV

Academic career

Prof. Hartmann is physicist and holds a Doctor of Natural Sciences from Humboldt-University Berlin (Germany). He appointed to a professorship at SRH Hochschule Berlin in 2002 and is Vice president for academic affairs of the SRH Hochschule Berlin since 2010. He has been working in different international research projects concerning material science and optoelectronics at Humboldt-University, at University of Rochester (USA) and University of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv (Israel). Special research interests include applications of new materials for photovoltaics and sustainable energy systems on the basis of renewable energy resources. In these fields he published widely in both local and international referred journals. He supervised many Bachelor, Master and postgraduate students and established capacity building programs in the field of Renewable Energy Systems in collaboration with vocational training centres in Berlin (Germany). Together with colleagues from many countries he initiated capacity building programmes in both vocational training and higher education with the focus on sustainable energy management.

Prof. Hartmann is amongst others a member of the German and European Physical Society. As a mentor of the Friedrich-Naumann foundation he coaches the scholarship students at SRH Hochschule Berlin.


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