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Research at SRH Hochschule Berlin

At the forefront – Research at our university

At our university we qualify driven and talented students in our future-oriented study programmes. Our teaching approach and methodology are supported by our research.

"Our university combines knowledge of students from over 70 nations, employees with high levels of education, professors with proven research expertise, companies with different profiles, politicians and media experts with different experiences. Together we can identify and explore new trends and developments and find solution for the economy and society.

Prof. Dr. Victoria Büsch, President of the University and Vice President Research

Strategic focus on fundamental & applied research

At SRH Hochschule Berlin it is our assumption that basic and applied research depend on each other mutually. Our research activities are combined within the cluster "Analyse von dynamischen Veränderungen von Struktur und Prozessen in Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft" (Analysis of dynamic changes of structures and processes in the economy and society).

Our academic methodology that is guided by the following four principles is leading the way for our research:

We want to conduct our research freely, autonomously, independently and critically. Our research is not guided by specific approaches, schools of thought, methodologies or the like and therefore is free of ideologies, interdisciplinary and undogmatic. We see doubt as a principle and constructive criticism as an essential corrective.

We want to carry out our research in a creative and beneficial manner. Our research activities are aimed at finding solutions for perceived scientific issues as well as specific real world business problems. The problem-solving potential of our solutions is the defining quality factor of our research.

We want to conduct our research in a comprehensible way. Our research should be understood easily. Thus the communicative principles of our research are plausability, intersubjectivity and the connection to the knowledge gained. The collected primary data is archived.

We want to do our research honourably. Our research complies with our academic code of honour. It is our ethical obligation, as researchers, to refrain from scientific misconduct (i.a. plagiarism, data forgery, assessment bias) and to report violations immediately.

With our research activities we aim to explore the impact of dynamic change processes and create benefits for the economy and society with our application-oriented solutions.

...for students

• participation in research projects
• integration of research content leads to up-to-date study content
• integration into research networks

...for companies 

• access to the most recent research findings
• transfer of knowledge and methods
• cooperation partners 

...for researchers

• profile development
• extension of the scientific network
• interdisciplinary forum

...for society

• promote Berlin-Brandenburg as an economic and research location
• improvement of living and working conditions in modern economic systems
• growth and nnovation strategies for international markets

Supporting young academics

The promotion of young academic talent is a key aspect in research. Research associates should have the opportunity to pursue their PhDs as part of their work at SRH. The university supports the academics with the following measures: 

  • organisation of a PhD colloquium
  • further training support

These are the topics that our research associates work on:

Jörg MännickeUnternehmerisches Denken und Handeln in der Hotellerie – Eine empirische Analyse auf Individual- und Organisationsebene
Sarfaraz GhulamGovernance of Cloud Computing in the Context of Contractual Management
Anja KrügerSympathiewerbung für Deutschland – Studienprogramme für Studierende aus Afghanistan: Instrumente der deutschen Auswärtigen Kulturpolitik auf dem Prüfstand
Carolin GraßmannSide Effects of Coaching for Clients and Their Antecedents
Tobias StählerPower Transformation in German Parliamentary Journalism
Frank WittigThe Effects and Expectations of AutoID Technology and UID Standardization on the Quality of Medical Care
Laura Lee SmithEine empirische Untersuchung für lokale Sicherheit in Afghanistan

In addition, our professors are supervising 24 doctoral theses worldwide. 

Our Research Prize The incentive to achieve research excellence

Die Gewinner des Forschungspreises 2016 v.r.n.l.: Prof. Dr. Alexander Wulf, Prof. Dr. Carsten Schermuly, Prof. Dr. Vladimir Stantchev

Our Executive Board is awarding a research prize each year. The following assessment criteria define the award winner: 

  • awarding points for publication achievements
  • awarding points for the acquisition of third-party resources
  • outstanding research achievements, such as leading articles etc.

The winner receives a certificate and a € 3,000 grant for student assistants.

In 2016 Prof. Dr. A. Wulf received the Research Prize for his numerous publications in renowned journals and the acquisition of research projects.




Your Research Contacts at SRH Hochschule Berlin

Prof. Dr. Victoria Büsch

Executive Board

President of SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences
Room H.820
Telephone +49 30 374 374-310 Send an email