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Research Research Institutes Contractual Management Institute (CMI)

The institute for law and sustainable networking

Vision and Mission

CMI Berlin is based under the overall assumption that legal paradigms such as justice and fairness must be given a greater impact on business matters. Thus, cost-benefit considerations are to be brought in balance with the central values of society and the individual.

CMI Berlin, therefore, pursues a value-oriented view of agreements and their implementation in respect of economy, society and the individual. Its research activities are based on two concepts:

Networking and Sustainability.

The development of networks as inter-personal or inter-organizational agreements aims to view the contract as a tool to enable a balance between the interests of different stakeholders.

The intrinsic value of CMI Berlin’s research activities is encompassed by the term sustainability which stresses the need of an orientation towards fair, balanced and long-term oriented relationships.

Tasks and Objective

Research subjects are the firm and virtual organizations, whether in the public or the private sector, whether profit or non-profit entities. CMI Berlin puts particular emphasis on start-ups and small enterprises because it considers them as crucial elements in order to balance economic and social developments.

The effects resulting from CMI Berlin’s research will enable profit as well as non-profit organizations to understand the contract – and in a broader sense: law - as a tool to develop balanced and long-term oriented relationships. In particular, they will enhance the perception of contract as an instrument of risk and knowledge management. They will also bring a significant benefit to society and economy in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Corporate Governance and Compliance Management.

CMI Berlin believes that for the pursuance of this goal, it is essential to

  • operationalize the contract in order to enhance sustainable networking for profit as well as of non-profit organizations;
  • generate and implement concepts of contract and of contractual management jointly with the private and public sector;
  • promote contract- and law-related knowledge and skills of managers as part of leadership qualification with the help of new concepts for teaching;
  • better understand the interdisciplinary nature of the contract and its cultural-specific design

CMI Berlin feels confident that through these activities

  • law can contribute to a balance of interest in society as well as between business partners;
  • the contract can better contribute to the success of organizations, whether in the private or in the public sector;
  • the modes of thought and operation which emerged in legal sciences and practice can be used in other fields and can help to create sustainable business and social relations;
  • the contract as steering instrument may contribute to economic growth and social welfare by promoting in particular entrepreneurship;
  • a better use of law can be made in order to deal with the challenges of the future in a socially acceptable way;
  • law can help to integrate the increasingly divergent fields of related sciences.

This concept leads CMI Berlin to five fields of research activities:

  • Contractual Networking
  • Entrepreneurial Contracting
  • Communication and Law
  • Society, Law and Economics
  • Teaching Concepts

CMI - Fields of Activities

Research Projects

Your Contact Person Executive Director

Prof. Dr. jur. Bert Eichhorn

University Management

Vice President of International Affairs, Study Programme Director International Management (M.A.) & Entrepreneurship (M.A.)
Room H.824
Telephone +49 30 374 374-510 Send an email

Scientific Director

Prof. Dr. jur. Ralph Schuhmann