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Research Research Institutes Contractual Management Institute (CMI)

The institute for contracting, law, and sustainable networking

Vision and Mission

CMI Berlin pursues a value-oriented view of contracts and their usage to foster economy, society, environment and the individual. Its activities are based on the concepts of networking and sustainability.

Networks as inter-personal or inter-organizational arrangements imply the understanding of the contract as a tool to blend and to balance the interests of different stakeholders.

The intrinsic values of CMI Berlin’s activities are directed by a vision of sustainability which stresses the need for fair and socially responsible relationships.

Fields of Research

Research objects are the firm and virtual organizations, whether in the public or the private sector, whether profit or non-profit entities. CMI Berlin puts particular emphasis on start-ups and small enterprises which it considers as crucial elements for balancing economic and social developments.

CMI Berlin’s research enables profit as well as non-profit organizations to understand the contract – and in a broader sense: law – as a tool to develop balanced and sustainable relationships. It promotes an enhanced perception of the contract as an instrument of risk and knowledge management and brings a significant benefit to society and economy in respect of corporate social responsibility, sustainability, corporate governance and compliance management.

For the pursuance of these goals, CMI Berlin focuses on

  • the operationalization of the contract to enhance sustainable networking;
  • the generation and implementation of contract and contractual management concepts in cooperation with the private and public sector;
  • the promotion of contract- and law-related knowledge and skills of managers as part of leadership qualification and the development of new concepts for teaching;
  • the enhancement of the understanding of the contract’s interdisciplinary nature and its cultural-specific design.

CMI Berlin’s research on contracting, law and sustainable networking aims at

  • economic growth and social welfare by promoting the contract as a steering instrument on the market as well as on the organization level;
  • a balance of interest in society as well as in business relationships through the promotion of non-adversarial contracting;
  • the success of private as well as public organizations through an optimized use of contracts;
  • fair and sustainable markets by providing contractual concepts that suit the particular challenges in entrepreneurship;
  • new insights into the conditions of sustainable networks through the utilization of jurisprudential modes of thought and operation in non-legal fields of application;
  • the integration of the increasingly divergent fields of contract-related sciences;
  • adequate approaches to deal with the technological, environmental, and social challenges of the future.

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Research Projects

Practising Risk Management in SMEs

The project „Practicing Risk Management in SMEs“ is part of CMI’s research on risk and contractual management. Representative interviews with more than 270 managers of businesses in Germany and Turkey compare the practice of contractual risk management in Turkey and Germany, investigate cultural difference in risk management between both countries and make recommendations to the business community for best practice in this field. The practical aim is to enable German businesses that operate in Turkey and Turkish businesses that operate in Germany to assess, whether their risk management lives up to the national peculiarities and standards. Cooperation partner is the Marmara University.

The ABC of Online Disclosure Duties

The project “The ABC of Online Disclosure Duties. Towards a More Uniform Assessment of the Transparency of Consumer Information in Europe.” is part of CMI’s research on contractual management. The project investigates how online disclosures, i.e. legal information provided by businesses for consumers online, can be designed in a transparent manner. The aim is to help businesses across the EU to standardize and simplify their disclosures and inform consumers more effectively. Cooperation partner is the University of Amsterdam. Funding institution is the DFG.

Climate Change Sceptics. Patterns of Argumentation and Psychosocial Background

The project “Climate Change Sceptics. Patterns of Argumentation and Psychosocial Background” is a part of CMI’s research on sustainability and social networking. The topic of climate change is of legal relevance against the background of the recent increase in national and international environmental protection legislation. The project investigates why the communication of knowledge about climate change is opposed by some citizens. The research project particularly focuses on the mental, psychosocial and unconscious reasons for climate skepticism. Cooperation partner is the Free University of Berlin (Freie Universität Berlin). Funding institution is the DBU.

Health Care Contracting in the Philippines

The project accompanies and supports the implementation of the new Philippine UHC Act. Jointly with Ateneo de Manila University, CMI Berlin explores the environment and the requirements of health care contracting in the Philippines and undertakes the development of instruments that ensure quality, cost-efficient and equitable delivery of health care services. The project follows a multi-discipline approach combining economic, sociological, legal and health care expertise.

Research Partner and Funding Institutions

Research Team

Prof. Dr. jur. Ralph Schuhmann, Prof. Dr. Farzaneh Soleimani Zoghi, Prof. Dr. jur. Bert Eichhorn (front, left to right)

Dr. Ognyan Seizov, M.A. Frank Wittig, Prof. Dr. iur. Dr. rer. pol. Alexander J. Wulf, Prof. Dr. Franz Hessel (back, left to right)

Board Members

Prof. Dr. jur. Bert Eichhorn, Prof. Dr. jur. Ralph Schuhmann, and Prof. Dr. iur. Dr. rer. pol. Alexander J. Wulf (left to right)

Your Contact Persons

Executive Director (left)

Prof. Dr. jur. Bert Eichhorn
Telephone +49 (0)30 374 374-510
E-Mail CMI:

Scientific Director (right)

Prof. Dr. jur. Ralph Schuhmann
E-Mail CMI: