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Terms & Conditions

For the participation in the SRH Grenke Start-up Pitch Competition (hereinafter referred to as “Pitch Competition”) on 14 November 2019 at the SRH Grenke Start-up Festival in Berlin -
endowed with 500 Euros (1st prize) and additionally with an exclusive expert mentoring session (1st, 2nd and 3rd prize).

1. Purpose of the terms of participation

The mentors’ committee nominates the five best start-up candidates/teams for the Pitch Competition. During the Pitch Competition the three best start-up candidates/teams are selected by vote by the audience on 14 November at 5pm. The three winners receive an exclusive expert
mentoring session. In addition, the best start-up candidate/team also receives an additional 500 Euros.

The following persons may apply:

  • Students and alumni of SRH Hochschulen Berlin GmbH (SRH Hochschule Berlin incl. Campus Dresden; SRH Hochschule der populären Künste (hdpk); design akademie berlin, SRH Hochschule für Kommunikation und Design)
  • School students
  • Individuals and teams pursuing start-up projects

2. Participation and admission requirements

The following participation requirements will be considered by the committee of mentors:

  • Submission of the online application form of the business idea/entrepreneurship project (English/German) on the SRH Hochschule Berlin website by 31 October 2019 at 10 am CET. Any application documents and other submitted documents and/or works will not be returned.
  • Individuals and teams are eligible to apply

3. Decision about the awarding

A committee of start-up mentors/experts selects the five best start-up candidates/teams for the Pitch Competition. During the Pitch Competition on 14 November the three best start-up candidates/teams are voted by the audience. The three best candidates/teams receive an exclusive expert mentoring session by the mentors. The best start-up team/candidate also receives 500 Euros.

4. Copyright

Participants in the Pitch Competition guarantee with their agreement to the conditions of participation that:

  • They have submitted the application form independently
  • They are free to dispose of the work/content as well as of the rights of use and the transferable copyrights
  • The work/content of the submission is free of third-party rights
  • Individuals that appear in photos or other media submitted during the Pitch Competition agree with their depiction and the publication of their image
  • In case particular objects or texts appear in photos submitted during the Pitch Competition, no third-party rights exist, or third parties expressly agree to the depiction and publication of images
  • In this context, they release SRH Hochschulen Berlin GmbH as a precautionary measure from all claims of third parties, including reasonable costs of legal defence.

Participants agree that documents submitted during the Pitch Competition will be stored on a server. Furthermore, they agree to the publication of the work/content, in part or in their entirety, on all official social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn), on the websites of SRH Hochschulen Berlin GmbH and in print media or on posters. The university reserves the right to edit the work/content for publication on the website, on social media or in print, in order to ensure a proper presentation of the content, without defamiliarising the contributions. Participants transfer the non-exclusive right to use the submitted documents/content including the right to mention the name to SRH Hochschulen Berlin GmbH. The transfer of rights of use is unlimited in time, space and content. Every participant consents to the publication of submitted documents/content or parts of them on the social media channels, on the website and in print media/posters of SRH Hochschulen Berlin GmbH.

5. Use of personal data

Data provided with the submission will only be collected and used to inform participants about the status of their application in the Pitch Competition. With their participation in the Pitch Competition, applicants consent to the publication of their name and the submitted contribution on the social media channels, on the website and print media/posters of SRH Hochschulen Berlin GmbH.

6. Data Protection

SRH Hochschulen Berlin GmbH will regard all applicable data protection regulations in their currently valid versions. Image data as well as the personal data provided will be stored, processed and used by SRH Hochschulen Berlin GmbH. Participants have the right to object at any time to the collection, processing and use of documents submitted, to revoke their consent and to request information about the stored data at any time. The conditions of participation remain unaffected.

7. Violation of the terms of participation

If a violation of the terms of participation is determined, the prize will be immediately withdrawn. A violation and the resulting withdrawal of the prize can also be established retroactively

8. Other

Should individual provisions of these terms of participation be or become invalid, unacceptable or impracticable, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining terms of participation. Regarding the right to participate in the Pitch Competition, an eventual exclusion and the decision of the committee of mentors are final and not subject to legal recourse. Only the law of the Federal Republic of Germany is applicable. Place of jurisdiction is Berlin.

 >> Terms & Conditions (pdf)

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