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Research Research Institutes Institute for International Strategic Management & Innovations (SMI)

Institute for International Strategic Management & Innovations (SMI)

The SMI is a joint initiative between Prof. Dr. Ronald Glasberg and Prof. Dr. Michael Hartmann of SRH Hochschule Berlin with Dr. Reinhard Messenböck and Jens Jahn of The Boston Consulting Group.


The Institute for International Strategic Management & Innovation conducts research projects that provide practical insights and recommendations for companies based on emerging developments and transformations, for example in Banking & Financial Services, Renewable Energy, Smart Home & Living. Depending on its development phase, each firm has to master different challenges:

  • Companies need data for a meaningful development and establishment in the market. The SMI supports companies by analyzing trends and evaluating data from international markets and competitive environments.
  • In addition, companies facing dynamic and growing international competition. In this context, the institute develops solutions for strategic, personnel, financial and technological challenges. The aim of these solutions are to maintain and expand business positions in the market through innovative business models. 

Tasks & Objectives

The Institute tackles and solves various scientific questions via small research projects as well as international collaborative research. At the same time, the research network expands into industries, the international research community and political institutions. Students have the opportunity to take an active role in the research, e.g. in projects or thesis. The research results are published and distributed to research workshops, symposia and conferences.

Transfer of Research into Academic and Practical Settings

Current research results are part of seminars and discussed with students and professionals. In the bachelor and master programmes are questions related to research of the SMI crucial and give opportunities to young scholars to analyse the impact of current innovations on business and society in thesis and projects. Transfer of the results into politics and practical settings result from participation in national and international conferences in addition to general exchange via professional and academic networks.

Research Team

Prof. Dr. Ronald GlasbergManaging Directorronald.glasberg@srh-hochschule-berlin.de
Dr. Reinhard MessenböckAcademic Directormessenboeck.reinhard@bcg.com
Prof. Dr. Michael Hartmann Vice Managing Directormichael.hartmann@srh-hochschule-berlin.de
Jens JahnVice Academic Directorjahn.jens@bcg.com

Interested persons from science, industry and politics are invited to apply for membership and to research the impact of innovations and new developments on business and society in order to create forward-oriented solutions.

Research Partnerships / Guest Lecturers / Company Projects

Roger Bendisch IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH
Dr. Jürgen BoynyGfK Retail and Technology GmbH
Dr. Frank GeilfußVolkswirt Bankhaus Löbbecke
Dr. Gregor Gossy The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
Roger A. HildebrandtDeutsches Patent- und Markenamt
Michael LutzThe Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
Jürgen NadlerStiftung Warentest
Max W. RömerQUADRIGA CAPITAL Beteiligungsberatung GmbH

Prof. Dr. Burkhard Schwenker

Chairman of the Advisory Council, Roland Berger GmbH
Dr. Jochen SutorBereichsvorstand bei der Commerzbank AG
Daniel Wernicke

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Alf Henryk WulfBoard of General Electric Power AG

Presentation of research projects

Currently, the project "Development of a Predictive Transformation Radar" is in the foreground of interest (see block diagram). The goal is to develop a tool that is able to predict the likelihood of an upcoming transformation of a business.

Selected Publications

Integration Done Right – The Crucial Role of Human Resources in Post-Merger Integrations, 2017, Glasberg, R., Lutz, M. Britze, N., Oberessl, L., Conference Proceedings at the 2nd International Conference on Business Management (ICOBM'17).

Risk Management in Hospitals (Interdisciplinary Research Project), 2013 – 2015, R. Glasberg (Project Leader), M. Hartmann, F. Hessel, C. Schermuly, V. Stantchev, G. Tamm et al.

Risks and crises for healthcare providers: the impact of cloud computing, 2014, R. Glasberg, M. Hartmann, M. Draheim, G. Tamm, and F. Hessel . The Scientific World Journal 2014.

Management of Crises and Risks in German Hospitals - Factors Influencing Medication Errors, 2014, M. Draheim, S. Flessa, R. Glasberg, M. Hartmann, C. Schermuly, et al. Value in Health 17 (7).

Smart Home – Entwicklungen und technologische Standards, 2013, R. Glasberg auf Klausurtagung der Strahlenschutzkommission des Bundesministeriums für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reaktorsicherheit (BMU).

Selected Presentations

Mr. Dr. Geilfuß, Bankhaus Löbbecke, and Prof. Dr. Ronald Glasberg: Presentation about "Modellierung eines Dividenden-Portfolios“ on 30 October 2018

Mr. Dr. Verweyen, Innogy SE, and Prof. Dr. Ronald Glasberg: Presentation about "Innovationen in der Elektromobilität“ on 08 November 2018

Mr. Jahn, Associate Director, The Boston Consulting Group, and Prof. Dr. Ronald Glasberg: Präsentation about "Digitization - What means digital and agile in the HR space? “ on 26 November 2018

Mr. Dr. Sutor, Divisional Director Finance, Commerzbank AG, and Prof. Dr. Ronald Glasberg: Presentation about "Strategischen Herausforderungen und Innovationen im Bankensektor“ on 10 December 2018

Mr. Hildebrand, Expert Deutschen Patent- und Markenamt (DPMA), and Prof. Dr. Ronald Glasberg: Presentation about "Übersicht zur Entwicklung von IP, Innovationen und Patente“ on 12 December 2018

Contact to the Institute for International Strategic Management & Innovations

Prof. Dr. Ronald Glasberg
Managing Director
SRH Hochschule Berlin
Tel.: +49 (0) 30 374 374 520 

Fax: +49 (0) 30 374 374 375
E-Mail: ronald.glasberg@srh-hochschule-berlin.de

Prof. Dr. Michael Hartmann
Vice Managing Director
SRH Hochschule Berlin
Tel.: +49 (0) 30 374 374 320
Fax: +49 (0) 30 374 374 375
E-Mail: michael.hartmann@srh-hochschule-berlin.de