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Research Research Institutes International Institute for Sustainability Management

International Institute for Sustainability Management

Research Approach

Sustainability has become a guiding principle in business, politics, culture and society at large. It is understood in the IISM as a phenomenon that both has an effect in the long-term and is effective over the long-term; it is where economic, social, cultural and/or ecological systems come together.

Tasks & Objectives

The IISM’s aim is to conduct research in all three fields of sustainability and cover the ecological, economic and social impact on society. A core aspect of sustainability management is that it can be a marketing instrument for strengthening organisations’ brands and image. In order to do this successfully, organisations need to find the right mix of on-line and traditional marketing and communications tools; key to this is market research, including acceptance and feasibility studies.

Research Team

f.l.t.r.: Prof. em. Dr. h. c. Werner Siebel PhD, Prof. Dr. Michael Hartmann, Laura Smith, Joachim Brych, Jürgen Weinreich, Tobias Stähler, Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternès, Roland Schnell, Prof. Dr. Ian Towers.

Prof. Dr. Anabel TernèsManaging DirectorE-Mail
Prof. em. Dr. h. c. Werner Siebel, PhDAcademic DirectorE-Mail
Prof. Dr. Michael HartmannDeputy Managing DirectorE-Mail
Prof. Dr. Ian TowersProfessorE-Mail
Laura Lee Smith, M.A.Research AssociateE-Mail
Jürgen Weinreich, Ing. Ök.LecturerE-Mail
Tobias Stähler, M.A.Research AssociateE-Mail
Dipl.-Ing. Joachim Brych, M.A.LecturerE-Mail
Roland SchnellLecturerE-Mail
Prof. Dr. Ines CarstensenProfessorE-Mail
Carolin Stamm, PhDResearch AssociateE-Mail
Prof. Tit.Dr. C. Ing. Osvaldo RomeroVisiting ProfessorE-Mail

Research Cooperations

International Institute for Sustainability Management has a number of cooperations with excellent national and international research establishments. Part of these cooperations is to exchange ideas on various research questions within the scope of cooperation projects. Furthermore, the exchange of scientific knowledge such as joint publications or publisher services as well as mentoring of master students and Ph.D. students.

Our national partners are:

Our international partners are: