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Research Research Projects Maintaining work-ability during digital transformation and demographic change

Maintaining work-ability in the era of digital and demographic change

Research Project

The project "Maintaining Work Ability in the Era of Digital and Demographic Change" seeks innovative approaches for strategic management and suitable measures for the operational management level.

Theoretical basis builds the Finnish “Work ability model" with the four dimensions “health”, “competence”, “values” and “work”. While a large number of concepts in the dimensions of health and functional capacities already exist, the dimensions of work, values and competence are explicitly taken as the starting point in the research project for future-oriented management strategies. In contrast to the usual interpretation, the dimension of work is also understood here as an individual resource that can positively influence the commitment to work through motivational factors.

Building on conceptual work, the aim is to empirically test key aspects of maintaining work- and employability in digital and demographic change with national and international cooperation partners such as the Institute of Labour Studies and Policy (IAA) at the Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria.

Duration of the Project

since 2016

Recent Publications:

"The Concept of Work ability for the operational design of age-appropriate and inclusion-oriented employment biographies“. In Recht und Praxis der Rehabilitation, Focus "Equal and inclusive participation in working life", issue 2/2019, p. 5-12.

"Continuing vocational training to maintain the work ability of the older generation – Recommendations for practice". In: C. Kuttner/C. Schwender (eds.), Immer WEITER mit der BILDUNG – Mediale Lernkulturen im höheren Erwachsenenalter, volume 12 Gesellschaft - Altern – Medien, kopaed-Verlag 2018, p. 109-132.

Reviewed-Article: „Maintaining work ability: The Importance of Management“, Focus Issue „Ageing in Companies“, WSI-Mitteilungen 1/2018: pp. 38-45.

Article: „Challenges of Digital Work in the Public Sector – The Dimensions of Work, Values and Competence as a Tool for managerial Skills to Preserve Employability", Deutsche Rentenversicherung 1-2018, pp. 65-101.


Institut für Arbeitsforschung und Arbeitspolitik (IAA), Johannes Kepler Universität Linz

Your contact Person for the Project

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Christina Stecker


of Economics
Room H.809
Telephone +49 30 374 374 -400 Send an email