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German Courses

Our German courses will help students to quickly improve and enhance their German skills, expand their vocabulary and learn useful expressions for their professional and daily communication.

Semester German Courses October 2019

All students can participate in our language courses. The participation in a course costs 90 Euro.

All courses take place Monday mornings and Wednesday afternoons and run from April 2019 until July 2019. Exact dates will soon be published.

Please take the following language test to evaluate your language skills:

https://www.cornelsen.de/sprachtest/ (Please choose A1 if you had 100 - 150 lessons Please choose A2 if you had around 200 - 250 lessons Please choose B1 if you had more than 250 lessons.)

Registrations for the upcoming semester will be open in August / September 2019.


Contact person

Esther Frotscher

University Administration

Centre for Languages and Diversity
Room H.112
Telephone +49 (0) 30 374 374 160 Send an email