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Tandem Programme

Learn languages faster with a tandem

Speaking with a Tandem partner is a great way to complement the knowledge acquired in a language course. In the Tandem Programme, native speakers of different languages help to improve each other’s language skills through cultural exchange and conversation.

Students interested in learning a foreign language can register on the Tandem Exchange web portal and get in touch with fellow students willing to share their knowledge. In return, they teach them their own mother tongue. It is a win-win situation: students help each other to learn a new language and make new friends in the process.

To create a profile on the web portal and find a Tandem partner, students use their Moodle login data. External users can register with a username and password, however they are not granted direct access to the contact information of other users. Based on information such as mother tongue, language of choice and area of residence, it is possible to use the search function to find the ideal Tandem partner.

Knowledge exchange and the strengthening of intercultural and communication skills are the main objectives of the Tandem programme. One of the advantages of this learning method is the possibility to learn outside the classroom. Tandem partners can practice their listening and speaking skills during excursions and visits to restaurants and museums. The casual atmosphere stimulates the learning process, helping students to apply their language skills in real-life situations.