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Study Programmes Master Entrepreneurship


Master of Arts

Reach entrepreneurial success and a Master’s degree

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Birgit Blumenau

You have an innovative idea and want to know how to turn it into a successful business? You would like to start your own business, take over an existing company or join the startup scene?

Earn a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship at SRH to make the most of your talents and enhance your business skills. Take advantage of the excellent study conditions, the know-how, the network and the international experience offered by our university to successfully start a career as an entrepreneur or intrapreneur.

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Birgit Blumenau

  • Overview
All facts at a glance
Degree Master of Arts (M. A.)
Credit Points

120 Credits

Duration of Study

4 semesters


Winter semester (September, from this year on)

Study model Full Time
Entrance criteria

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, proof of English language proficiency and successful participation in the selection process. The study programme is open for business students or non business students with or without professional experience.

Languages English
Mandatory Internship

We offer Start-Up Labs each semester.

Content, objective and process of study

You get a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship in four semesters. Based on business development steps, relevant subjects are addressed, discussed and applied in class. The focus of your studies is a business idea that you develop as a study project. The timetable of lectures is organized so that young entrepreneurs are able to work on their business and study at the same time.

Knowledge, methods, experience and personality
Professional, social, methodological and practical skills: thanks to the newly developed curriculum, our study programme provides you with comprehensive skills. The international profile of our university and the intercultural character of our student body strengthen your personality. SRH offers you the ideal conditions to thrive in a multicultural world. 

We strongly believe that acquiring and enhancing your diversity competence is a crucial part of your personal and professional growth. As part of this educational path we offer a range of intercultural events, excursions and language courses (German: beginner’s, intermediate and advanced level; Spanish and French: beginner’s level) which qualify you for the international job market.

Module overview:

1. Semester: Conceptual Development

  • Creativity and Innovation Management
  • Law for Entrepreneurs
  • Business Analysis and Planning
  • Scientific Writing and Presentation Techniques
  • Entrepreneurial Skills I  - Mindset, Action and Reflection
  • Start-up Lab - Technology-/ Service-Based Topics I
  • Start-up Lab - Social Based Topics I

2. Semester: Business Modelling

  • Entrepreneurial Strategy & Business Model Generation
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • Information Systems & E-Business
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods
  • Entrepreneurial Skills II  - Building and Leading Teams
  • Start-up Lab - Technology-/ Service-Based Topics II
  • Start-up Lab - Social-Based Topics II

3. Semester: Business Implementation

  • Entrepreneurial Operations & Production Management
  • Entrepreneurial Finance & Risk Management
  • Economics and Entrepreneurial Eco-System
  • Master Colloquium
  • Entrepreneurial Skills III  - Negotiation & Conflict Management
  • Start-up Lab - Technology-/ Service-Based Topics III
  • Start-up Lab – Social-Based Topics III

4. Semester: Business Growth

  • Global Strategic Management
  • Start-up Lab - Technology-/ Service-Based Topics IV
  • Start-up Lab - Social-Based Topics IV
  • Master Thesis
Career, perspectives

The startup scene offers exciting prospects for people who want to turn their ideas into reality and who enjoy working in small teams or independently. After your studies at SRH, you are ready to gain a foothold in the startup scene, manage complex projects or even join the innovation department of a large company.

Advance your career with a Master's degree
Graduates work in fast-growing innovative sectors such as information technology, biotechnology, healthcare, tourism, energy and environmental technology.

Areas of work:

  • Director of your own company
  • Business development in startups
  • Successor manager in small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Business analyst in venture capital associations
  • Innovation management or international marketing
  • Business or entrepreneurship consulting
  • Regional and economic development

Pursue a doctor’s degree
The Master of Arts in Entrepreneurship prepares you for a leading position in a company or an academic career and a PhD.


Get your career started at SRH Hochschule Berlin and apply for our Master's programme. Here you find information about admission requirements and your next steps towards studying at SRH. 

You can start your studies at SRH Hochschule Berlin in the winter semester. Just apply online now. We will check your application carefully and, if the documents are in order, invite you to our selection process. The process consists of an interview and a written test. The participation in the process is free of charge.

Admission requirements
Admission requirements vary according to the educational background and nationality of candidates.

The basic requirements are:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Successful participation in the selection process
  • Proof of English language proficiency.

Applications of international candidates are examined individually to determine if they fulfil the admission requirements.

Proof of language skills
The following English proficiency tests are accepted:

  • TOEFL 87 ibt
  • TOEIC Listening/Reading 785, Speaking 160, Writing 150
  • IELTS (academic) 6.5 (minimum of 6.0 for each skill)
  • CAE (grade A, B, or C)
  • CPE (grade A, B or C)
  • Pearson English Test Academic (PTE-A): 59 points
Tuition fees and financing

Studying at SRH Hochschule Berlin is worth the investment. You benefit from high-quality education that will prepare you for the challenges of your dream job.

A degree from SRH Hochschule Berlin guarantees you the pole position in the job market. Excellent study conditions and comprehensive services allow you to focus on your studies. At SRH, you don’t have to waste your precious time dealing with bureaucracy. We help you to make sure that there are no obstacles separating you from your dream career.

Tuition fees
Tuition fees are €780 per month. The fees remain the same for the entire duration of the Entrepreneurship programme. There are no additional enrolment or examination fees.

Funding and scholarships
BAföG, scholarship programmes, grants, Germany Scholarship or study loans – there are several possibilities to finance your studies. What is the best option for you? Contact us so we can advise you and find the best solution.

There are many types of scholarships available. Find the best one for you. Further information about scholarships

Live and study in Berlin
Your studies are inspiring and interesting – and so is Berlin! Learn more. Berlin for students



Advisory Board

A good business idea and a clever marketing concept are often not enough to establish a successful business. Early networking with partners, investors and key industry leaders is essential.

The main goal of the programme’s Advisory Board is to support our Master of Entrepreneurship students throughout their development. Not only does the Board help in keeping the course content updated: Experts will be paving the way to develp good ideas into businesses and will help get in touch with new contacts and cooperation partners.

Members of the Advisory Board:

Heinrich WittigBankhaus Löbbecke AGChairman
Dr. Jochen SutorCommerzbank AGGroup Chairman Finance (GM-F)
Martina WesthuesDeutsche Telekom AGSenior Expert, Political Interest Group
Mark HoffmannGründerszene / Vertical Media GmbHManaging Director
Dr. Marion HaßIHK BerlinManaging Director Innovation and Environment
tba  Investitionsbank Berlin
Thomas MeyerJ.P. Morgan AGChairman of the Board
Dr. Christian SegalLandesbank Berlin AGHead of Competence Center Company Foundations
Max W. Römer Quadriga CapitalManaging Director
Dr. Norbert VerweyenRWE Effizienz GmbHManaging Director
Jürgen Nadler Stiftung WarentestHead of Research Multimedia
Dr. Reinhard MessenböckThe Boston Consulting Group (BCG)Partner and Managing Director
Dr. Ulrich BleyerUrania Berlin e.V.Director




Reach entrepreneurial success with a Master’s degree

The Master programme is aimed at ambitious entrepreneurs with innovative ideas, passion and vision who want to found a company, take over an existing company or establish a career in the startup scene. At SRH Hochschule Berlin, you put implement your ideas and lead them to success. You study in small groups and exchange ideas. You develop creative concepts, test them at the Startup Lab, improve your presentation and rhetoric skills and benefit from a comprehensive network of entrepreneurs, professionals and investors.

Topic areas
The English-speaking Master programme “Entrepreneurship” teaches you the economic, legal and entrepreneurial knowledge necessary to start a business and prosper in a highly innovative and competitive field. You acquire the skills to develop business models, evaluate strategic options, build an organisation and learn how to enter international markets. The programme also includes trainings in the areas of leadership, human resources and organisational skills.

Advantage: experience
The programme provides you with plenty of real business experience. During your studies, you will develop a business idea into a real entrepreneurial project. Along the way, you will have the guidance of an Advisory Board established especially for Entrepreneurship students. Specialists within the Advisory Board help to pave your way to success by putting you in contact with cooperation partners

Advantage: international orientation
SRH Hochschule Berlin is international. On our campus you will meet lecturers and students from over 75 nations! The university’s international profile and the intercultural character of our student body provide a unique environment for professional and personal growth. The English-speaking programme enables you to enhance your intercultural and language skills.



Questions about the program? Contact us.

Admission & Student Office

Birgit Blumenau

University Administration

Admission & Student Office
Room H.111
Telephone +49 (0) 30 374 374 144 Send an e-mail

Master Team

Lisa Gibellino-Marchetto

University Administration

Master Team International Management
Room H.111
Telephone +49(0)30 374 374 154
Fax +49(0)30 374 374 375
Send an e-mail

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Presenting: Your Study Programme Director

Prof. Dr. jur. Bert Eichhorn

University Management

Vice President of International Affairs, Study Programme Director International Management (M.A.) & Entrepreneurship (M.A.)
Room H.824
Telephone +49 30 374 374-510 Send an e-mail

What our students say about us Karolina Stich

Study start:
October 2014, Master in Entrepreneurship

Part 1: Tell us a bit about yourself

1) Your bachelor’s degree:
Bachelor in International Management

2) Hometown:
Linz am Rhein

3) Favourite meeting place for founders in Berlin:
The spree river

4) Average daily coffee (or Mate) intake:

5) What was your dream profession as a kid? 
Becoming a lawyer or a manager

6) Who is your role model? Why?  
A friend and “uncle”, who works as a CEO of a Bank in Munich. He is a great manager, boss, friend and father. His employees fully respect him in his position, follow his instructions and at the same time feel and understand that he is an approachable person. He creates a positive and comfortable working environment, so that his employees enjoy working for the company. They build trustful relationships, which encourages employees to ask him for advice on business and private life topics. He is a great listener, supports his family and friends in any possible way. He is very down to earth, honest and is a friendly person, even in stressful situations. This has helped him to build a huge network of friends all over the world, who are always happy to support him as well. I can learn a lot from him!

7) Hobbies:
Travelling, Cooking, dancing, meeting friends all over the world

Part 2: On being an entrepreneur

1) What is your current occupation?
I have founded my first company at the end of the second semester. It is an Ice Cream business, selling “Original DDR Softeis” at touristic places in Berlin. Moreover, I am founding a second business in the third semester, which will focus on producing premium Ice Cream and Ice Cream related products.

2) Describe your experience as an Entrepreneurship student at SRH Hochschule Berlin in one word:

3) What is the main lesson that the Entrepreneurship programme has taught you?
Anything is possible if you really want it and if it’s economically feasible

4) What was the first thing you did – or decision you took – after completing the programme? (If you are not done yet: what is the first thing you will do?)
Focus on the businesses that I have founded during the study programme and scale them. Also, I would love to share my experiences with new Entrepreneurship students to motivate them, but also make clear that being your own boss is hard work.

5) Tell us in a few words why studying Entrepreneurship at SRH Hochschule Berlin is a good idea.
The study programme has a focus on applying theory to own business ideas and bring the first business to life. Each course has the aim to further develop either the own business idea, business administration knowledge or personal skills in an internationally composed classroom. It is a great environment to make new friends and simultaneously learn and understand foreign cultures.

6) What is your next big goal?
My aim is to develop technical and managerial skills of my employees so that they are able to run the operational business independently. This will help me to step back a bit and take the time to have my own family.

Thank you for your support!

What our students say about us Artur Steffen

Arthur Steffen

You have founded your company just after graduating. How did your studies at SRH influence your success?

The Master programme teaches founders to plan for the long-term and to identify potential risks. As a student you see your own business from different angles and you acquire important business development and management skills. It is easier to lead a business when you know all elements of founding a company. During my Master's I learned the foundations that I needed to work as a managing director. I have also extended my network and have exchanged ideas with my classmates on a regular basis. You always learn more when you look at other business models. Building your network during your studies helps you to find solutions for different issues and to receive advice.