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Study Programmes Master M.A. Entrepreneurship


Master of Arts

Reach entrepreneurial success and a Master’s degree

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Gloria Thiller

You have an innovative idea and want to learn how to turn it into a successful business? You would like to start your own business, take over an existing company or join the startup scene?

Earn a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship at SRH to make the most of your talents and enhance your business skills. Take advantage of the skill- and project-based approach and our in-house SRH Start-up Lab Berlin in order to successfully start a career as an entrepreneur or intrapreneur.

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Your contact for this study programme

Gloria Thiller

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  • Overview
All facts at a glance
Degree Master of Arts (M. A.)
Credit Points

120 Credits

Duration of Study

4 semesters

Start Date

Summer Semester (April) and Winter Semester (October)

Study Type Full Time
Admission Requirements

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, proof of English language proficiency and successful participation in the selection process. The study programme is open for business students or non-business students with or without professional experience.

Languages English

The programme focuses on entrepreneurial skills as well as business expertise and aims to help students develop, grow and launch their own business.

  • During the 1st semester students learn how to develop their business idea, they get to know a range of entrepreneurial tools, methods and skills and they learn about the legal environment of their future start-up.
  • In the 2nd semester students get to focus on their business idea: During this incubator semester they have the chance to further develop their idea, to grow their start-up and to make it ready to launch. In these 6 months students receive support by coaches, take part in workshops and are able to get feedback by other founders and experts.
  • The 3rd semester helps the Entrepreneurship students to get more business expertise in classic management disciplines, to extend their entrepreneurial skill set and to apply the lessons learned to their own young start-up.
  • In the final semester students learn about the environment and ecosystem that they are facing as founders and get to write their Master's thesis.

Knowledge, methods, experience and personality
Professional, social, methodological and practical skills: thanks to the newly developed curriculum, our study programme provides you with comprehensive skills. The international profile of our university and the intercultural character of our student body strengthens your career outlook. SRH offers you the ideal conditions to thrive in a multicultural world. 

We strongly believe that acquiring and enhancing your diversity competence is a crucial part of your personal and professional growth. As part of this educational path, we offer a range of intercultural events, excursions and language courses (German: beginner, intermediate and advanced level; Spanish and French: beginner level) which prepare you for the German or international job market.

Module overview:

1. Semester | Conceptual Development2. Semester | Incubator3. Semester | Business Implementation4. Semester | Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
Creativity & Innovation Management

Incubator - time to create & develop your own idea
I) Find a challenge or opportunity to address

Entrepreneurial Skills III -  Building and Leading TeamsEconomics and Entrepreneurial Eco-Systems
Entrepreneurial Strategy & Business Model GenerationIncubator
II) Develop ideas and turn them into solutions
Entrepreneurial MarketingMaster Seminar
Law for Entrepreneurs/International Contractual ManagementIncubator
III) Test and improve your solutions
Entrepreneurial Finance & Risk ManagementMaster Thesis
Entrepreneurial Skills I - Mindset, Action & ReflectionIncubator
IV) Develop a business model and write a business plan
Entrepreneurial Operations & Production Management
Scientific Writing & Presentation TechniquesBusiness Analysis & PlanningQuantitative & Qualitative Research Methods
Entrepreneurial Skills II - Negotiation & Conflict ManagementInformation Systems & E-BusinessGlobal Strategic Management

The startup scene offers exciting prospects for people who want to turn their ideas into reality and who enjoy working in small teams or independently. After your studies at SRH, you are ready to gain a foothold in the startup scene, manage complex projects or even join the innovation department of a large company.

Advance your career with a Master's degree
Graduates work in fast-growing innovative sectors such as information technology, biotechnology, healthcare, tourism, energy and environmental technology.

Possible careers:

  • Director of your own company
  • Business development in startups
  • Successor manager in small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Business analyst in venture capital associations
  • Innovation management or international marketing
  • Business or entrepreneurship consulting
  • Regional and economic development

Pursue a doctor’s degree
The Master of Arts in Entrepreneurship prepares you for a leading position in a company or for an academic career and a PhD.

Get your career started at SRH Hochschule Berlin and apply for our Master's programme. Here you find information about admission requirements and your next steps towards studying at SRH. 

You can start your studies at SRH Hochschule Berlin in the winter semester. Just apply online now. We will check your application carefully and, if the documents are in order, invite you to an interview.

Admission requirements
Admission requirements vary according to the educational background and nationality of candidates.

The basic requirements are:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Personal or telephone interview
  • Proof of English language proficiency.

Applications of international candidates are examined individually to determine if they fulfil the admission requirements.

Proof of language skills
The following English proficiency tests are accepted:

  • TOEFL 87 ibt
  • TOEIC Listening/Reading 785, Speaking 160, Writing 150
  • IELTS (academic) 6.5
  • CAE (grade A, B, or C)
  • CPE (grade A, B or C)
  • Pearson English Test Academic (PTE-A): 59 Points
  • B2 First: 173

We are currently also accepting the following tests in times of Covid-19:



Studying at SRH Hochschule Berlin is worth the investment. You benefit from high-quality education that will prepare you for the challenges of your dream job.

A degree from SRH Hochschule Berlin facilitates the entry into the job market. Excellent study conditions and comprehensive services help you focus on your studies.

Tuition fees

EU/EEA (incl. Albania, North Macedonia, Switzerland)€800 / month
Non-EU/Non-EEA€6450 / semester

Please note: The monthly/semester tuition fees remain the same for the entire duration of the study programme.

An additional enrolment fee of €500 (EU/EEA students) / €900 (Non-EU/EEA students) is to be paid once at the start of the programme.

Funding and Scholarships
Information on financing options & scholarships can be found here.

Live and study in Berlin
Your studies are inspiring and interesting – and so is Berlin! Learn more. Berlin for students

Advantages of our Master's Programme

The Master's programme in Entrepreneurship is aimed at ambitious entrepreneurs with innovative ideas, passion and vision who want to found a company, take over an existing company or establish a career in the start-up scene. At SRH Hochschule Berlin, you implement your ideas and turn them into a successful business. You study in small groups and exchange ideas. You develop creative concepts, improve your presentation, pitching and rhetoric skills and benefit from our SRH Start-up Lab community and events. 

Knowledge of Key Topics in Entrepreneurship
Our English-speaking Master programme teaches you the economic, legal and entrepreneurial knowledge necessary to start a business and prosper in a highly innovative and competitive field. You acquire the skills to develop business models, evaluate strategic options, build an organisation and learn how to enter international markets. The programme also includes trainings in the areas of leadership, risk management and strategic planning.

Develop your Business and receive Support
The programme provides you with plenty of real business experience. During your studies, you will develop a business idea into a real entrepreneurial project. You can grow your start-up at your own pace. We will mentor and help you develop your entrepreneurial skills.

Successful Founders
A lot of our students and alumni of SRH Hochschule Berlin and our SRH sister universities are operating businesses. We hope that your start-up will contribute to this track record - get inspired!

International Orientation
SRH Hochschule Berlin is international. On our campus you will meet lecturers and students from over 85 different countries! The university’s international profile and the intercultural character of our student body provide a unique environment for professional and personal growth. The English-speaking programme enables you to enhance your intercultural and language skills.

In our multicultural and diverse world, we need to make greater efforts in effectively training and developing soft skills. This includes subjects as diversity, communication, and people skills that allow us to understand each other and develop good team skills. Diversity is about empowering people. We strongly believe that acquiring and enhancing your diversity competence is a crucial part of your personal and professional growth. As part of this educational path we offer a range of intercultural events, excursions and language courses (German: A1 – C1; Spanish and French: A1 – A2). The courses take place within the regular schedule. We want to give you the means to start a new language or to enhance existing knowledge.

Advisory Board - Members of the Board

What our alumni say about us Gernot Stöcker, founder of WhatAGame and Entrepreneurship alumnus

Why did you choose to study at SRH Hochschule Berlin?

I always found the idea of being an entrepreneur appealing. Before I started at SRH, I had my business idea for WhatAGame in mind already, but I felt like I was lacking the necessary set of tools in order to start a business. That's why I enrolled in the entrepreneurship study program at SRH.
What did you like about your studies/study programme/the university?

For many other entrepreneurship master study programs, I had the impression that in the end, yet again, the goal was to prepare the students for the classic job market, e.g. in the innovation department of a company. At SRH however, the entire course of studies is actually geared to the development and implementation of a concrete business idea that every student is working on.

Are there any recommendations you can give to 1st-semester/new students?

To new students that decide to start the entrepreneurship master program at SRH, I would recommend to get going with their ideas as fast as possible. The schedule provides the necessary freedom to work on ones business idea next to your studies from the very first weeks.

How did you come up with your business idea?

Since it is easy to waste a lot of time in front of one's smartphone in today's world, I want to encourage people to go out and explore their environment. Moreover, I was a big fan of the concept of the famous TV show "Schlag den Raab", and was looking for an activity like that for my friends and me. Since this concept did not exist yet for private customers, I chose to create it.

Where do you see your business in 1, 2 and 5 years?

So far, I am very happy with the feedback and the demand of the customers. Therefore, the plan is to expand the concept, so that more customers get the chance to enjoy WhatAGame as fast as possible. Therefore, I hope that WhatAGame is active in a bigger location soon and that the customers still enjoy the event as much as they do today.

What makes WhataGame unique?

The proximity to its customers. Not only is the event customizable to a customer's preferences, but a moderator leads the group through the entire 2.5-hour event, which makes it possible to interact with them on a very personal level.

How long did you work on your idea before launching your business?

In my case, the hardest part was to find a suitable location. This process alone took more than half a year. It took around 2 years from the very first time the idea came into my mind until the actual start. However, I would recommend to other people with an idea in mind to start as fast as possible, if they have the chance to do so.

How do you finance your business?

The concept started in a small office and therefore did not require big investments. Therefore, there was no need to contact possible investors.

How did our university help you in realising your business idea?

The university did not only provide me the necessary set of tools for starting a business. Being around other people with great ideas in mind and seeing them work on their projects gave me a great motivational boost to get my project going, as well.

Our alumna Karolina Stich - She already founded 2 companies while completing her Master's degree

Starting a business and working with one of Europe's biggest media companies - Our alumnus and founder Tim Tepass

Always focusing on the patient - Our founder Artur Steffen

Questions about the programme? Contact us.

Study Advisor

Dipl.-Üb. Gloria Thiller

University Administration

Prospective Student Advisor
Room H.116
Telephone +49 6221 64 73 265 Send an email To profile

Study Programme Director

Prof. Dr. jur. Bert Eichhorn

Academic Director

Global Cooperation Institute,
Professor of International & European Law, Study Programme Director International Management (M.A.) & Entrepreneurship (M.A.)
Room H.824
Telephone +49 30 374 374-510 Send an email To profile

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