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Classic Track
M.A. Entrepreneurship


You value the academic training of a Master’s degree and would like to found your own company within the next two years? You want to work on developing a viable business idea and find out if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? 

In this Classic Track, you will spend the first two semesters developing a detailed plan for the foundation of your start-up, which you will implement in the 3rd and 4th semester.

  • In the 1st semester you develop your idea,
  • in the 2nd you outline your business plan,
  • in the 3rd semester you begin preparations for launching your company,
  • and in the 4th you will begin these planned activities.
  • Finally, after completing your degree, you and your start-up are ready for a successful launch.

Throughout the programme, you will be supported by an intensive, highly professional in-house coaching. Via SRH start-up labs, you will be advised by young founders of start-ups and experienced experts, and you can regularly exchange ideas and check the viability of your idea through contacts in the Berlin start-up scene. You implement your own business idea and carry the responsibility for your own financial risk, but will be founder of your own company by the time you complete your degree.

If after the 2nd semester you decide that you don’t want to found a company after all, you can switch into

  • another Master’s Programme such as the M.A. International Management Programme or
  • an MBA degree (with the appropriate professional background).

This track is your choice, if...

  • you want to realize your dream of becoming a founder
  • you aim to plan, develop and implement your business idea
  • you wish to have the time to develop your concept and your entrepreneurial personality
  • you would like the university and our joint SRH Start-up Lab to support you in starting your own business



Your chosen Track

CLASSIC TRACKFast TrackInternational Track
2 year/4 semesters English Master's Programme✘ 
Launch your own start-up by completion of your degree 
Individualised coaching and support by SRH 
Launch company after 1 year
Launch company after 1.5 - 2 years 
No financial or legal risk in founding company
External support (Zurich School of Management & St. Gallen Consulting)
International experience (individualised stays abroad)
Option to swich into other Master's or MBA Programmes