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Fast Track
M.A. Entrepreneurship


Do you already have a very clear idea for your start-up? Or do you want to focus on developing a promising business idea with the help of start-up experts?  You want to prove yourself as entrepreneur as quickly as possible and implement your idea while still gaining an academic Master’s degree? Yet you want to minimize the financial risk of founding a company as much as possible? 

Then this Fast Track, in which you will work towards the launch of your start-up together with the Zurich School of Management in Zurich, is the right variation for you.

You commence immediately with the planning and development of a start-up and after just two semesters, you can present your start-up idea at an investor conference. If you manage to attract investors for your idea, you will not carry any financial or legal risk as our project partner Keygles will incorporate the company for you. Once your business idea was launched you will still be actively involved in the company and are able to take on a leadership role.

In the 3rd and 4th semester, you will continue working on the development of the start-up while pursuing your academic education. Throughout this time, you will receive not only the individualised, highly professional in-house coaching offered in the Classic Track, but also the support of the external partner, St. Gallen Consulting.

St. Gallen Consulting, the external partner who will advise you during the initial phase of development, is an international consulting firm with outstanding references and very experienced advisors.
The Zurich School of Management, an extra partner in the Fast Track, specializes in continuing education for management leadership, from junior manager, project manager, or specialist all the way to top management, and works in close cooperation with the Boston Business School and the MAB Business School.

You also have the option (for example in the case of a negative decision at the investor conference) to continue your studies and switch into

  • the Classic or
  • the International Track

with a new idea and are able to found your own company with the help of our individualised support.

Of course, if after the 2nd semester you decide not to continue on an entrepreneurial track after all, you may also switch into

  • another Master’s Programme such as the M.A. International Management Programme or
  • an MBA degree (with the appropriate professional background).

This track is your choice, if...

  • you want to set up and develop a company in a fast, efficient and effective manner
  • you want to start a business without any financial and legal risks
  • you wish to receive professional support by renowned consulting companies and business schools



Your chosen Track

Classic TrackFAST TRACKInternational Track
2 year/4 semesters English Master's Programmex ✘ 
Launch your own start-up by completion of your degreex ✘ 
Individualised coaching and support by SRHx ✘ 
Launch company after 1 year 
Launch company after 1.5 - 2 yearsx 
No financial or legal risk in founding company✘ 
External support (Zurich School of Management & St. Gallen Consulting)✘ 
International experience (individualised stays abroad)
Option to swich into other Master's or MBA Programmesx 

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