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Study Programmes Master M.A. International Management

Berlin 3 Cities Programme

International Management
Master of Arts

Among the top 10 Master programmes in Germany

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Gloria Thiller

Paris, Dublin, London, Shanghai, New Orleans – study International Management in Berlin or in up to three cities. Select from different specialisations and finish your studies with one or two internationally recognized degrees. The award-winning programme, which has been awarded the FIBAA Premium Seal, is as diverse as your career goals.

If you choose this programme you have the opportunity to really experience the German capital and get to focus on subjects such as Leadership & Global Management, Risk and Contract Management, Innovation and Project Management.

If you want to experience more cultures and live and study in more than one city, the three cities variation (Tripartite variation) is the right choice for you. Students can choose between several partner universities with their own specialisations and are able to live in up to three cities and earn up to two degrees.

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Your contact for this study programme

Gloria Thiller

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  • Overview
All facts at a glance
Degree Master of Arts (M. A.)
Credit Points

120 Credits

Duration of Study

4 semesters

Start Date

Summer Semester (April) and Winter Semester (October)

Study Type Full Time
Admission Requirements

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, proof of English language proficiency and successful participation in the selection process. The study programme is open for business students or non-business students with or without professional experience. 

Languages English
Mandatory Internship

Yes, in the final semester

Tripartite variations

Please note that not all city and degree combinations are available during the summer/March intake. Please check the section "Tripartite variations" below to learn more.

The Master's Programme prepares you for demanding tasks in International Management and focuses on Leadership & Global Management, Risk and Contract Management, Innovation and Project Management.

Knowledge, experience and personality

Professional, social, methodological and practical skills: our study programme provides you with comprehensive skills. Thanks to the skill- and project-based approach and the 5-week block structure you have the skills and experience that employers are looking for. The international profile of our university and the intercultural character of our student body strengthen your personality as well as your intercultural, communication and team-building skills. 

SRH offers you the ideal conditions to thrive in a multicultural world. We strongly believe that acquiring and enhancing your diversity competence is a crucial part of your personal and professional growth. As part of this educational path we offer a range of intercultural events, excursions and language courses (German: beginner’s, intermediate and advanced level; Spanish and French: beginner’s level) which qualify you for the German or international job market.

Module Overview (Berlin Programme)

1st Semester2nd Semester3rd Semester4th Semester
Risk Management in Value CreationTechnological Foresight and Innovation Strategies Leadership and Global Strategic ManagementMaster Seminar
International Contractual ManagementBusiness Model GenerationLegal Environment of International Business and Foreign TradeInternship
Operations and Project ManagementDeveloping Managerial Skills II: Business SimulationHuman Resource Management and Ethical Leadership in International EnterprisesMaster Thesis
Intercultural ManagementCompany Project IRisk Management in Financing
Negotiation and Conflict ManagementCompany Project IIStrategic Network Management
Developing Managerial Skills I: Case StudiesCompany Project IIIInternational Marketing Management
Fundamentals of Thinking Clearly, Arguing & Decision-making in a Managerial ContextAdvanced Case Studies II: Performance & Managerial ResponsibilitiesAdvanced Case Studies III: Artificial Intelligence
Advanced Case Studies I : Analysing & Strategising

Students who opt for the Tripartite variation get the opportunity to study in up to three cities and earn up to two degrees. Within the three cities variation (Tripartite variation), it is possible to choose from 15 partner universities with their own specialisations. The subjects in the general curriculum vary according to the city combination chosen. 

Please note that the number of available city/degree combinations depends on the time of the intake. If you start in September (Winter intake), all of the combinations are possible. If you start in March (Summer intake), the amount of city/degree combinations is limited. Please check section "Tripartite variations" for more information.

Internship and Career Service

The curriculum includes an internship and company projects so students get to apply their professional knowledge to real business issues. They gain insight into the challenges faced by international companies and expand their professional network.

International Advisory Board

The primary purpose of the international advisory board is to counsel the programme director on developing a strong professional profile for the programme and keeping it up to date. Another task of the advisory board is to make suggestions for activities and events that will help students build their personal resumes and facilitate their entry into the job market. Finally, the board makes recommendations for further developments of the programme. The international advisory board has regular meetings at SRH Hochschule Berlin and additional experts, researchers, and administrators are frequently invited to these meetings.

Members of the Board

The Master programme “International Management” is the ideal stepping stone for an international career. The large variety of specialisations and the programme’s practical approach provide graduates with the best conditions to enter the job market upon graduation and to start a successful career.

Advance your career with a Master's degree
Our graduates are global citizens who work in high management positions in MNEs, small organisations or in the fast-paced startup scene.

Areas of work:

  • International Strategic Management
  • Business Development
  • Risk and Contract Management
  • Market Analyst & Market Research
  • Special Assistant to the Executive Board
  • Country or Divisional Manager
  • Senior Consultant

Pursue a doctor’s degree
The international Master’s degree does not only prepare you for leading management positions, but also for an academic career and a PhD.

Get your career started at SRH Hochschule Berlin and apply for our International Management programme. Here you find information about admission requirements and your next steps towards studying at SRH.

You can start your studies at SRH Hochschule Berlin in the summer and winter semester. Just apply online now. We will check your application carefully and, if the documents are in order, invite you to an interview.

Admission requirements
Admission requirements vary according to the educational background and nationality of candidates.

The basic requirements are:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Personal or telephone interview
  • Proof of English language proficiency. 

Applications of international candidates are examined individually to determine if they fulfil the admission requirements.

Proof of language skills
The following English proficiency tests are accepted:

  • TOEFL 87 ibt
  • TOEIC Listening/Reading 785, Speaking 160, Writing 150
  • IELTS (academic) 6.5
  • CAE (grade A, B, or C)
  • CPE (grade A, B or C)
  • Pearson English Test Academic (PTE-A): 59 Points
  • B2 First: 173

We are currently also accepting the following tests in times of Covid-19:

Studying at SRH Hochschule Berlin is worth the investment. You benefit from high-quality education that will prepare you for the challenges of your dream job.

A degree from SRH Hochschule Berlin facilitates the entry into the job market. Excellent study conditions and comprehensive services help you focus on your studies.

Tuition fees

EU/EEA (incl. Albania, North Macedonia, Switzerland)€800 / month
Non-EU/Non-EEA€6450 / semester

Please note: The monthly/semester tuition fees remain the same for the entire duration of the study

In some Tripartite variations there are additional fees - please check your desired city combination in the section "Tripartite variations" (below).

An additional enrolment fee of €500 (EU/EEA students) / €900 (Non-EU/EEA students) is to be paid once at the start of the programme.

Funding and Scholarships
Information on financing options & scholarships can be found here.

Live and study in Berlin
Your studies are inspiring and interesting – and so is Berlin! Learn more. Berlin for students

The Tripartite variations of our Master's programme in International Management combine the teaching and research styles of Berlin and our international partners.

The Tripartite variations of the study programme provide students with the unique opportunity to experience three different academic and business environments.  Students can study in diverse cities such as Paris, Prague, Granada, Shanghai, Querétaro (Mexico), or New Orleans (USA), among many others. In addition, students have the possibility to earn not one, but two degrees. Choose your specialisation and focus on topics which create maximum value for your future career!

Take a look at our current Tripartite variations.

DOUBLE DEGREE: Study in 2 or 3 countries

Option I) Three semesters of taught courses at SRH Hochschule Berlin and/or at the partner university. During the 4th and last semester you will focus on your internship and master thesis, which you can fulfill in any country of the world.

Option II) Four semesters of taught courses at SRH Hochschule Berlin and the partner university. The 4th semester takes place at the partner university.

SINGLE DEGREE including one semester abroad

Option I) Three semesters of taught courses at SRH Hochschule Berlin and/or at the partner university. During the 4th and last semester you will focus on your internship and master thesis, which you can fulfill in any country of the world.

Option II) Four semesters of taught courses at SRH Hochschule Berlin and the partner university.

These are just a few examples of our most attractive destinations. For a complete list of the one-semester-abroad options, please have a look at our International Office

Three cities – two degrees – a global perspective

In the Master's programme “International Management,” you have the choice. Thanks to a comprehensive global network of partner universities, you can organise your studies according to your personal and professional interests.

The English-speaking programme “International Management” deals with general management topics such as Global Strategies, Risk and Contract Management and Innovation and Project Management. Furthermore, it discusses global economic issues in the context of international and European law and equips you with international management tools. Your training combines demanding company projects with teaching methods that enhance your soft and leadership skills. An internship is also included in your studies. 

Award-winning programme: FIBAA’s Premium Seal
Tested and approved: In May 2015, the Master programme “International Management” was awarded FIBAA’s Premium Seal. The award acknowledges excellent quality in a number of categories such as study concept, academic environment and professional prospects, placing the master programme among the top 10 management programmes in Germany.

Extremely international
Without a doubt: SRH Hochschule Berlin is one of the most international universities in Germany. At our campus there are students and lecturers from over 85 nations. The Master programme “International Management” takes you around the world. Enjoy student life in fascinating cities and get to know new cultures. Our programme graduates go on towork in top positions all around the world. Become a member of this unique network.

Extremely flexible
If you decide to change your career path during your studies, you can change to the Master programme Entrepreneurship or change to an MBA Programme (previous work experience required). 

Extremely diverse
In our multicultural and diverse world, we need to make greater efforts in effectively training and developing soft skills. This includes subjects as diversity, communication, and people skills that allow us to understand each other and develop good team skills. Diversity is about empowering people. We strongly believe that acquiring and enhancing your diversity competence is a crucial part of your personal and professional growth. As part of this educational path we offer a range of intercultural events, excursions and language courses (German: A1 – C1; Spanish and French: A1 – A2). The courses take place within the regular schedule. We want to give you the means to start a new language or to enhance existing knowledge.

"CKM Model Berlin", Bert Eichhorn

What our students say about us Judith de Haas, International Management student

Why did you choose to study at SRH Hochschule Berlin?

I decided to study International Management after I have already walked on a very varied life path. As a musician, yoga teacher and initiator with a huge hunger for academic challenges, I wanted to commit to a programme which could help me to develop the skills to take a more responsible role in the cultural field.

What do you like about your studies?

The International Management programme gives me the basics to hold onto when organising performing arts projects. At first, I didn’t know where to start, and my studies help me not to see too many obstructions but to just go for it, step by step.

How do you experience the international approach of SRH?

Actually, just being in my class is a very international experience. Everyday again. I think we have about 15-20 different nationalities in the year group. It is fantastic to work with so many different people and cultural values on study subjects but also to spend time together out of school. I have always been internationally-oriented and hearing and experiencing other approaches to business issues is an important aspect of future international working environments. Moreover, I just love connecting to people, from anywhere, to share experiences on a super open level. With its international representation, SRH makes it possible to be part of this.

What is your favourite learning or working experience at SRH?

My favourite working experience is while learning! I’m very eager to learn and work together with the organisers of events that I performed in myself. This gives me the inspiration to walk my own path.

What our students say about us Liebelei Lawrence

Lawrence Liebelei

What motivated you to study at SRH Hochschule Berlin?

I applied to the M.A. in International Management programme at SRH Hochschule Berlin, because I was looking for an accredited programme which would be taught in English, that didn't necessarily require a business-related Bachelor degree and that was more practice- than theory-oriented.

What do you enjoy about your studies/your university the most?

My experience at SRH Hochschule Berlin, and in the M.A. of International Management in particular, was greatly enriched by how multicultural the student body was. Furthermore, the support and backing from the SRH staff and program director was unparalleled.

How will your degree from SRH help you reach your professional goals?

My studies at SRH Hochschule Berlin have provided me with a balanced, well-rounded and practical education, which I feel has prepared me perfectly for a smooth transition into the working world.

Questions about the programme? Contact us.

Study Advisor

Dipl.-Üb. Gloria Thiller

University Administration

Prospective Student Advisor
Room H.116
Telephone +49 6221 64 73 265 Send an email To profile

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