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Berlin - Shanghai - Paris
International Management Tripartite Programme

In Berlin, we focus on strategic, risk, contract and project management with specialisation in compliance management. Our industry familiarisation includes energy/renewables, health/bioscience and IT/service sector.

In Shanghai, the emphasis is on diversity management and intercultural communication. China plays a significant role in the global economy and students will gain insight into the Chinese economy and culture. Coursework also includes a focus on technology innovation, project investment and financial risk management.

In Paris, marketing, human resources, sales and strategy are highlighted with corresponding specialisations. Industrial study areas are available in luxury goods, retail, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, arts and defence industries.

Programme Cornerstones

Duration of studies: 2 years

Course Language: English

Two Degrees: Master of Arts & Grade Master

Course Modules

1st Semester: SRH Hochschule Berlin

Modules taught in Semester One:

  • Global Strategic Management
  • Risk Management in Value Creation
  • International Contract and Company Law
  • Contract Knowledge Management
  • Project Development I
  • Case Studies

2nd Semester: Tongji University

Modules taught in Semester Two:

  • Survey of China
  • Technology Innovation and Management
  • Corporate FInance
  • Managerial Economics in China
  • Business Research Methods

3rd Semester: INSEEC Paris

Modules taught in Semester Three:

  • Managing Tools
  • Skills Management
  • Change Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Strategy 360
  • Crisis Night
  • Courses according to chosen major:
    • Strategic Marketing Management
    • Corporate Finance
    • Supply Chain & Purchasing
    • International Business

4th Semester: At institution of student’s choice (institution of primary thesis supervisor)

Modules taught in Semester Four:

  • Master's Internship
  • Master's Thesis

*For course descriptions, see here. *Please note that this is a general list of courses which are offered each year. Some of the courses have optional status and require a minimum number of registered students, while some of the courses may be shifted or cancelled due to sabbatical leave of a professor or other unforeseen reasons.