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Success Stories
International Management M.A.

Claudia Amendola, Class of 2016, from Italy

"I would like to thank SRh Hochschule Berlin for giving me the opportunity to take part in the 2014-2015 Master Programme in International Management in the framework of the double degree programme between SRH Hochschule Berlin and La Sapienza University of Rome. It provided me with professional and practical skills in the Risk Management field, allowing me to start a career as Consultant in KPMG’s Internal Audit Risk & Compliance Services in Rome. I believe that the Master courses are at the forefront in dealing with risk and controls management and contract compliance. I feel they prepared me to establish a risk view that goes beyond the defensive and value preservation and turns disruptive changes into opportunities."

Melanie, Class of 2012, from Indonesia

"One very good feature of SRH is the small size of the classes. You have more interaction with the students [and] you can interact more with the professors... They know your name. You know everyone in the class.

I had an excellent experience with Professor Burger-Menzel, in her intercultural management class. She is full of energy, which she projects in the classroom. The content, the way she teaches, her interaction with the students - it's a total package. I had her for two classes - Intercultural Management and Global Cultural Management. We learned business communication across different cultures."

Michael from Australia Class of 2012

“Getting a Master’s degree in Germany as a foreigner is really great. It's in English, but its not British or American, it’s an education with a European perspective, Continental Law and the European Union. These are very important to know if you want to do international business.

I also feel more interculturally aware. Try spending a year with students from 11 other countries and listen to how differently we respond to the same business case study. It changes the way you think about people accept more complexity as normal."

Ariuna from Mongolia Class of 2010

"I was immediately intrigued by the Master's degree offered in International Management. It sounded challenging, interesting, and wide enough in scope to prepare me for my goals in project management. SRH is a small private university, which provided a close relationship with my professors, face-to-face course studies, and the opportunity to experience real problems and to solve them with the help from my teachers and classmates.

Working collaboratively with fellow students was a truly memorable experience. I developed the ability to work in a team with others: discussing problems, expressing my viewpoint, and learning from the diverse backgrounds which make up our academic community. SRH has a warm atmosphere and it was there that I was able to find new ambition and realize my vision for my life."

Tim from Germany Class of 2011

"What I thought was really good at SRH were disciplines like Strategic Networking and Management, offered not only from the company side, but answered questions like: How can I create innovations through networking through strategic management? How can I be more efficient? The soft skills part was really intensive and also necessary and is now benefiting my job.

Who was my favorite professor? Mr. Eichhorn of course. He is really beneficial to the program. He’s always looking at how to develop the program further and how to make the program meet the students’ demands. If you are teaching management, you have to look at demands and the wishes of the students, because that is the product he is providing. He always had a really open ear for everything and since we are also a young university, it’s good for students to contribute their thoughts on the program."

Svetlana from Estonia Class of 2011

"Where was my favorite place to study out of the 3 locations? I would say it was Berlin. I wanted to get out of Dublin and Berlin was the first place I went to. Berlin is a very vibrant city... And I have a few friends in Berlin so that was easier for me to get around. I was in Berlin previously on several occasions, and I think the city is very lively. You actually feel the vibe of liveliness going through the city itself. I really enjoyed myself during that time, even though that winter was very very cold.

I chose to do the Tripartite Masters program instead of a 1-year Master's program, even though it took twice as long, but in the end I got 2 degrees – from Berlin and Paris, which made my educational portfolio international, as I now have degrees from Ireland, Germany and France. I got an opportunity to travel and learned to be flexible and adaptable in different conditions and within different multinational working groups."

Magdalena from Germany Class of 2011

"The Tripartite Programme provided a great opportunity to develop interpersonal skills with the flexibility to handle rapidly changing schedules and shifting work priorities in different environments. By studying within constantly changing international groups in Berlin, Dublin and Paris I learned how to develop the ability of matching diversity.

Diversity can have a considerable impact on the final work performance. One pre-condition for that is to understand that every team member is important and can contribute a considerable part due to his/ her uniqueness. Once cross-cultural teams understood the benefit of a diverse team, they managed higher work loads in a shorter period of time with a better end-result than those teams that consisted of mainly strong leaders. It is not important how many strong team members you have within your group. It is important to identify the individual strengths of each single member and then to allocate the right task to the right member. So, yes, the programme helped me to become more flexible."

Luis from Panama Class of 2012

“One of the most valuable aspects of the Tripartite Program was the multicultural and international environment within the class room. I believe the fact that there were so many nationalities within the classmates and faculty enabled us to understand and tolerate different perspectives, opinions and point of views; which ultimately I believe to be the most important characteristic to learn in the path to become an international professional. It has truly been an incredibly experience that has enriched my life in many ways.”

Hussain Samar Tahseen from India Class of 2013

"John Wooden once said, “Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.” And, I concur with his quotation entirely. This could be one of the reasons, I occupied some space in the "success stories" section.

I dwell upon this quotation because, I made effective use of immediate resources. Most of these, were provided to me by the SRH Hochschule, Berlin. In specific, the help I received from the Career Service, International Office and the Professors. SRH Hochschule, Berlin facilitates students with their quintessential needs such as: Health insurance, Residency Permit, Semester Tickets, Library access and Career opportunities. In addition, the school evaluates candidate Applications personally (independent of the uni-assist.de), the Dean promotes an open door policy to address student concerns, there is a dedicated Career Day to meet representatives from International Firms, the International Office assists students twice during residency permit renewals and if lucky, students might also receive German Language classes. The International Management program covers broad topics such as: Contractual Management, Risk Analysis, Technological Management and Trade and finance . All these subjects equip students with multifaceted tools, that are used to generate solutions.

Therefore, I am content to be a part of the SRH family, which helped me build Career opportunities at SIEMENS AG. Hence, I strongly recommend prospective Applicants to consider SRH as a wise choice for their future. All this said, I extend my sincere thanks to my Professors: Prof. Dr. Eichhorn, Prof. Dr. Glasberg, Prof. Dr. Tamm, Prof. Dr. Schuhmann, Prof. Dr. Burger-Menzel, Prof. Dr. Wilhelm. Further, Ms. Krüger from the Career Service Department, Ms. Scharmann and Ms. Thiller from the International Office, and last but not the least Ms. Pietruschka from the front office."

François from France Class of 2013

"I want to thank you for the year I spent in Berlin and especially at the SRH; the teachers, the teaching methodology, the interventions from foreign teachers and the attention to students were on a high quality ranking. The differents lectures helped us to have a look on several cultures, on the way to work and to run a business with international partners. Regarding the administration, I want to say that the team of Gloria-Dorothée-Sabrina was really successful. These people are free and smiling everytime to help us through answering our questions. The well-introducing in Berlin is thanks to this good team that you manage so well. I keep an excellent souvenir of this 1-year experience and I think I will miss a lot the school and classmates."

Elise from Hawaii Class of 2013

"Upon commencing my studies at SRH Hochschule Berlin, I raised my expectations to look forward to what SRH promises as an intercultural experience, practical application, and individual development towards a positive career future. I can affirm at this last leg of my studies that my expectations have been met with many challenges and oppositions in learning, however with an extremely stellar conclusion. SRH provided for an environment in which students could form groups with individuals from around the world - thus giving fruitfulness and creativity in group dynamics. Lecturers were on point combining a fusion of professional experience and teaching, which gave students an open field for inquiries and curiosity. Lastly, stimulating and challenging assignments were handed out which invited students to apply practicality and modern thinking, only to provide outcomes with sheer quality and knowledge. My most appreciated take-away from experiences at SRH would be the amount and level of attention to detail that existed at a much lesser level than before. I have Prof.Dr. Eichhorn and Prof.Dr. Schuhmann to thank for that in having the ability to silence a full classroom and inspire them with reasoning on both sides of the coin and sharpen our thinking, for your lessons and interest in seeing our development through - I feel much more capable and readied to finally take my last step out of academia, and into what my parents have been calling as 'the real world'."

Francis from Ghana Class of 2013

"One of the things that made me very happy about my choice to study at SRH University was that, right after the 1st semester of my studies the dfference between Risk Management and Problem Solving in terms of organizational development was already clear to me. The broad network of professors at SRH University made it very easy for me to establish formal network among some of the most popular companies and institutions across Europe. I was also impressed that the University took an extra step to offer outstanding students internal financial support or link them up with external scholarship foundations. It was through this effort that I became a scholar of the Friedrich Naumann Schorlarship Foundation in my 2nd semester of my studies."

Shahram Karimi from Iran Class of 2013

In addition to my 10 years of work experience, the International Management programme at SRH Hochschule Berlin has been extremely significant in the development of my career. The emphasis on risk management, project management, contract management, and conflict management, as well as on international contract law and international business strengthened my management competencies and have greatly contributed to my success as General Manager of Human Resource Development at Iran Mobile Communication.

Luiz Antonio Cardoso from Brazil Class of 2013

After 12 years as a Navy officer and 15 years as a financial analyst at the Brazilian Ministry of Finance in Brasilia, I finally got some time for a Master degree. Berlin seemed to be an interesting option and perhaps the foreign city that my wife Lucy and I could most easily get used to. I was right! Berlin is really “wunderbar”! After all, it is the capital of Germany, that is, the heart of Europe, representing somehow a mix of different cultures of the Old Continent, with which Brazilians identify themselves so much.

Even though I had already studied in the United States, the beginning of the stay in Europe was certainly a challenge. A new lifestyle, a new culture and a totally diverse climate and weather. When the program started, I was definitely the oldest one among my classmates and even older than some professors. This gave me the opportunity to update and take advantage from the contact with new ideas and different interests of the international group of classmates and students from the SRH Hochschule Berlin. Indeed, studying in an intercultural environment is a rare opportunity for Brazilians.

Despite being a management course, the Master is quite focused in many areas of law such as “International Contract and Company Law”, “Project Development” and “Intellectual Property”, whose Professors have a high level of expertise and solid experience. This course feature ended up being crucial to strengthen my knowledge in international contracts, which might have contributed, along with my personal network, to boost my career and to an indication to a new position in the Brazilian Government.

I can’t deny that I'm glad with my new job in the Brazil, but I can’t stop missing all my classmates and friends as well as the wonderful life that I had in the "ewig junge Stadt", which Berlin is. As I told my wife, after this experience, we will never be the same again … and I think we will never stop saying "Ich bin ein Berliner!".

Tetiana from the Ukraine Class of 2014

When I was looking for a university to continue my studies I was intrigued by the three-pillar structure of SRH Master Program: Teaching, Research and Business Practice. It sounded too good to be true. Now, however, I can clearly see that it was a lot more than just advertisement and applying for this exact program was one of the best decisions in my life. Why? Because all three aspects were a real focus of the program and I could take advantage of each of them.

First of all, the company projects based on real companies and the compulsory internship allowed me to graduate from university with a couple of good entries already in my CV. Moreover, as a result of a successful internship, I was offered a full-time position in a German company even before I actually graduated. Many of my friends from SRH had the same experience. Thanks to the practical oriented classes at SRH I had sufficient knowledge and skills to start right away from a managerial position, skipping the assistant and junior stages. My research life wasn’t left aside as well. Along with classical “Management” subjects like Risk Management and Strategic Management, we had several rather novel disciplines in our program. I got very interested in one of them – Contact Management - and I conducted my Master's Thesis research in that field. Due to the support of SRH I had the possibility to do a real-case study for my Thesis in cooperation with one of the biggest railway companies in the world based in Germany. As a result, I am now participating in topic-related conferences with subsequent publications planned and I am seriously considering doing a PhD in this field.

The three pillar structure functioned perfectly well, but in my opinion it has one flaw. I strongly believe that one more pillar should be named, as it is a very important ingredient of success in SRH: it is Internationality. Among circa 70 students on my program, there were representatives of 42 different nationalities. It gave me perhaps more knowledge and experience in international communication than any theoretical course will ever do. And I am not even mentioning the wide network of friends around the globe that I now have.