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Study Programmes Summer Schools – Winter Schools International Wind Industry Training

International Wind Industry Training

4-day training programme | 13 - 16 December 2019 | Join the wind industry!

  • Session 1: Global status of wind energy | benefits of wind energy
  • Session 2: Introduction to wind energy | physics behind the generation of wind and its occurrence | historical development of wind turbines | types of small and large wind turbines
  • Session 3: Wind resources measurement and assessment | atmospheric conditions, complex terrains, wind farm effects | site assessment (site selection, measurement equipment, types of meteorological masts, etc.) | energy yield calculation
  • Session 4: Aerodynamics of wind | the acting forces | basic blade designs and their influence on aerodynamic performance
  • Session 5: Working principles and efficiency of wind turbines | wind energy and wind power | overall turbine efficiency
  • Session 6: Mechanical components | rotor | drive train | support structure
  • Session 7: Electrical system and control concepts | grid-connected and off-grid wind power | types of control strategies
  • Session 8: Planning, building and commissioning | phases of wind energy project development | energy yield assessment | grid-connection of wind turbines | financing and economic calculation


  • hands-on exercises (demonstration of small wind turbine, handling of multimeters, use of excel sheets and simulation software to calculate energy yield)
  • excursions
  • cultural Programme
  • training hand-outs and insider tips
  • university certificate (3ECTS/credit points)
  • post-seminar guidance

Benefits of the training programme

We are cooperating with partaking wind companies and have 1:1 matchmaking sessions and site-visits.

Our SRH-accredited trainer Mr. Abdulkarim Abdulrazek of the University of Oldenburg has 10 years of experience in international project and construction management, wind energy consulting and Engineering.

He has more than 6 years of experience in wind energy research  and has conducted wind tunnel experiments and worked in several countries, such as Germany, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Mongolia, Indonesia and North Korea.

Furthermore Mr. Karim is specialised in the design and optimisation  of testing facilities for small wind turbines (IEC 61400-2 Standard), has constructed wind measurement systems on meteorological masts and knows how to run QM systems.

Training Outcomes

  • develop your understanding of wind energy use
  • understand the aerodynamics of wind turbines as well as control strategies
  • calculate the annual energy yield and choose the suitable wind turbine
  • get first-hand market info
  • matchmaking and networking with the German and international wind industry


When: 13 - 16 December 2019

Where: SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences, Ernst-Reuter-Platz 10, 10587 Berlin, Germany

Price (incl. VAT):

  • Professionals €370 (incl. Wind Training Certificate)
  • Students €250 (incl. Wind Training Certificate)

How do I register?

You can either