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5th SRH Solar Summer Team-up!

INTENSIVE SHORT COURSE: 5th SRH SOLAR SUMMER TEAM-­UP! Become a member of “The international Solar Employee/Entrepreneur” family!

This dynamic and team-oriented tech-business training and networking format complements our well-acknowledged Solar Winter School courses “SRH-certified Solar Entrepreneur” and “SRH-certified Solar Employee”

Date: 23 November - 9 December, 2020 | This year's emphasis is on wind and bio energy, and PV-hybrid solutions!

Split into 5 individual modules, the up-to-2.5-week seminar will be carried out in several locations in Southern and Northern Germany (incl. the “Off-Grid Experts Workshop2020” conference and tradeshow in Augsburg / “WindEnergy Hamburg Expo 2020”) and at our university in Berlin. 

Sign up for the modules you need and you're interested in and ask for our attractive package prices.

The intention of the Solar Summer School event is to:

  • join with our certified “Solar Entrepreneurs” and “Solar Employees” from last winters and 
introduce new candidates to our team and network
create concrete projects and business cases, foster capacity building in attractive solar markets and establish collaboration
do intensive networking and touch base with important solar industry partners
delve into the design and installation of PV off- and on-grid systems based on state-of- 
the-art industry know-how and technology
give 1:1 training and briefings corresponding to your needs.

In cooperation with:

Modules and packages

  • Module M1 at home:
    Online training preparation course (appr. 2 weeks, on-demand with its own certificate) with foundational information regarding societal tasks and challenges, fundamentals in technology (e.g. technical terminology, PV systems design) and business (marketing and sales, customer segments, financing, business modelling) | 10 October 2020 – €150 incl. tax
  • Module M2 in Berlin:
    Teaming-up, projects talk, solar company visits, small specific and personal experts training I (4 course days) with briefings on concrete projects, business creation, system lay-out and design, professional marketing and sales organization and industry Networking | 23 - 26 November 23-26, 2020 – €180 incl. tax
  • Module M3 in Berlin:
    GSAN international Wind Industry Training (GSAN-iWIT2020) (3.5 course days): intensive wind Energy training with its own certificate, refer to extra program description | 27 - 30 November 2020 – €280 incl. tax
  • Module M4 in Southern and Northern Germany:
    Participation in the “Off-Grid Experts Workshop” conference and tradeshow in Augsburg / “WindEnergy Hamburg Expo 2020” and projects site and PV-manufacture visits (4 course days): introduction to reputable solar and wind energy companies and partners, guidance, personal and project talks, business matchmaking and research, recreation | 1 - 6 December 2020 – €220 incl. tax
  • Module M5 in Berlin:
    Teaming-up, projects talk, small specific and personal experts training II (3 course days): intensive training on the professional selection, configuration and installation of solar components, optimized system dimensioning, installation hands-on, agreements on concrete projects, professional marketing/sales and Networking | 7 - 9 December 2020 – €170 incl. tax

Package Prices

  • Complete course fee (Modules M1-M5): €710 incl. tax | best value
  • Please check the brochure below for other package options

>> Course brochure <<

Benefits of the SRH Solar Summer Team-up!

  • Highly practical and realistic: the effective content targets the relevant essentials needed in everyday professional practice in the solar industry field
  • Efficient: focus on the participants/target markets, content is tailored to provide participants with useful and relevant information. Classes will be goal-oriented: optimized team- building of pre-qualified individuals ensure a comprehensive group and networking potential.
  • Concise, descriptive, well-organized, very understandable and focused on necessary training materials, presentations and documentation
  • Certified: award of a certificate accredited by SRH (eq. 3-5 ECTS credit points for students), experienced instructors from the academic and professional sectors
  • Strong proximity to reputable companies in the solar industry: mentoring and partnership potential
  • Extracurricular cultural program in Berlin, Augsburg, Hamburg 
  • Online follow-up: Forum and discussion board, network development

Your Contact Contact us for more details, course description, module prices and application forms.

Matthias Raab

Tel: +49 30 639 671 35
Mobile: +49 162 800 20 10