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October 2020 full-flex offer



You are worried that Covid-19 might affect your academic future? Full-flex offer for international students

We know that you are worried about your future in times of Covid-19 and what steps to do next.

With your benefit in mind, we have designed a full-flex offer for this October 2020 intake for international students who are facing visa issues and travel restrictions due to Covid-19.

What is possible? Everything! We want you to be successful in your studies and to acquire the knowledge and skills you will need in your future career. We are investing a lot of efforts and resources to ensure that your study experience will match your expectations - whether on campus or online.

When and how to start in October 2020?

  • Case 1: You are confident that you’ll have your visa and flight ticket in time?
    Guarantee your seat in the programme, make your accommodation and travel arrangements and come to Germany to start your studies on campus. The orientation weeks start on 12 October 2020, the courses on 26 October 2020.
  • Case 2: You are an international student experiencing visa delays and are unsure when you will be able to travel to Germany due to Covid-19?  
    Do not waste one semester, start with us on 12 October via interactive distance learning, save money and guarantee your seat in the programme now! Once you are enrolled within this distance format, you can arrive anytime. No late arrival deadline applies, as you have been doing your studies from home. Moreover, we would like to reward you for remaining agile in a modern study ecosystem and would like to offer you one of the following options by 28 February 2021.
    • a) Earn a €1,500 voucher on your future tuition fees by obtaining at least 20 ECTS (credit points) via interactive distance learning in your first semester (October 2020 start).

    • b) Get an additional tuition-free semester, just by starting in October 2020 and giving interactive distance learning a try. No conditions apply, allow yourself more time to succeed.

      How and when do I apply for option a or b? We will provide you with an application form during our orientation weeks. Please contact our study advisors or admission office if you wish to apply for one of the options. Deadline to choose option a or b is 28 February 2021.