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Auslandskompetenzmodell – Extra Zeit im Ausland die sich lohnt

Go abroad
The Foreign Expertise Module

Get more international experience

Students starting in summer study in the Foreign Expertise Module. It allows them to spend a semester abroad after the first study year. They have the opportunity to gather relevant experiences during an internship or a semester abroad.

The goal is to give students the opportuniy to acquire new skills that contribute to their personal development and helps them advance their career.

You decide how you want to spend your time: doing an internship abroad, Work & Travel or studying at a partner university.

Our service departments are glad to give you advice regarding the organisation of your stay abroad:

  • Your programme coordinator is the main contact person for the organisation of your studies and helps you if you have general questions
  • The International Office provides detailed information about the different international study opportunities - especially about spending a semester abroad at one of our partner universities
  • The Career Service gives you advice on how to search for a job or internship abroad
  • The Visa Service answers your questions regarding visa issues and entry & residence regulations in the foreign country

My semester abroad (Foreign Expertise Module)

by Sissy-Aileen Schwarz

I spent five months in Central America to learn Spanish, to get to know a new culture and to do voluntary work.

In the beginning I lived with a family in a tiny village close to the Pacific coast in Costa Rica. The four of us shared a 3-room tin hut. Costa Rica is known to be the happiest country on earth and I think that's right. I took a Spanish course and got to know many international friends.

After that, I travelled to Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, where I worked in a children's home. The children were allowed to go to school which in Honduras can't be taken for granted. I took them to school, taught them different subjects, helped with homework and spent a lot of time with them.

The time I spent in Central Amercia was great but wasn't always easy. I have gained a lot of experience and was able to do good.

Ms Schwarz is happy to provide more information about her travels and likes to help other students planning similar trips.


by Johanna Sträßer

I spent five months in Australia. On the way there I stayed in India and on the way back I stayed in Indonesia. The goal of my journey was to improve my English, to get to know and understand the different cultures and to experience breathtaking landscapes.

On my journey I got to know many international backpackers and made some good friends. Together, we have discovered new landscapes, have climbed mountains, scuba-dived in the Great Barrier Reef and made sailing trips to small islands. Spending time in the outback, far away from any kind of civilisation, and sleeping under the stars are experiences that have left deep impressions on me. Out there you have the chance to get away from all the digital buzz and to make room for new impressions.

During my time abroad, far away from home, I have made many new experiences and have become more independent and open-minded.

Ms Sträßer is happy to provide more information about her travels and likes to help other students planning similar trips.


by David Scheibenberger

Spending time in Australia, working and travelling, I wanted to improve my English and gain many exciting experiences.

After several great weeks in Sydney I decided to leave the city and to look for jobs. In the Hunter Valley, north of Sydney, I helped picking grapes for a couple of weeks which was very tiring. With the money I earned I travelled along the vast east coast which is incredibly diverse, beautiful and exciting. After that I helped picking pumpkins which was no piece of cake and even harder.

My next stop was a sailing trip to the Whitsunday Islands with its Whitehaven Beach that is said to be one of the whitest beaches in the world. Then I rented a car and drove south to Adelaide via the capital Canberra, Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road. At the end of my journey I explored Uluru (Ayers Rock), which is a holy site for the indigenous population.

The decision to go to Australia was one of the best in my life so far. It wasn't always easy to be on the road alone and to work on plantations but you get so much back: great experiences, impressions and exciting friendships.

Mr Scheibenberger is happy to provide more information about his travels and likes to help other students planning similar trips.


International General Studies - Expand your horizons with extracurricular modules

Otto Mathisen, "International Business Administration" student, completed four AKM classes in social studies, political science, history and general applied studies. The focus of his individual case study research was "British Euro-Skepticism and the Brexit Debate":

"During my AKM semester at SRH I learned key political concepts and analyzed historical turning points and the continual changes in our society. The semester did without a doubt give me tools that have helped me mature, and my understanding of the world around us has improved significantly."






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