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Finanzierung und Stipendien

Investing in your future

How to finance your studies

Studying at SRH Hochschule Berlin is an investment into your future.

Please download the info sheet for detailed information about possibilities to finance your studies. 

German citizens find additional information about financing in the German flyer

DAAD Scholarship Database

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides a database that contains numerous scholarships that international students can apply for.

Study loan by Studentische Darlehnskasse Berlin (daka Berlin)

SRH Hochschule Berlin is part of Studentische Darlehnskasse Berlin (daka Berlin). Daka Berlin has provided students with study loans since the 1950s.

Loan amount:

Students are able to receive a maximum of €750 per month for a maximum duration of 3 years of study (36 months). A one-off payment of €1,500 (max.) is possible.

Interest rate & costs:

The study loan is offered at a fixed interest rate. During the first two years the interest rate is 1% p.a.; between the 3rd and 5th year it is 2% p.a.; from the 6th year onwards it is 4% p.a.. The first repayment is due six months after the last loan instalment was paid and - under certain circumstances - the due date can be postponed for another six months.

Loan conditions:

Students can apply for the loan regardless of age, background or their parents' income. The loan applies to all study programmes of SRH Hochschule Berlin. Students need to reside in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

If you wish to apply for the loan, you need to provide:

  • completed application form
  • directly-liable guarantee. Please note that guarantors need to be EU/German citizens or need to have a German permanent residence permit and need to reside in Germany.
  • enrolment certificate

Loan applications are approved twice a month. Normally, the first rate is paid as early as two weeks after the submission of the application. Please find deadlines and more information on the daka Berlin website.

Loan consultation:

Visit the daka Berlin office or call them: +49 30 3190010

Do you have any questions? Then contact me.

Dipl.-Üb. Gloria Thiller

University Administration

Prospective Student Advisor
Room H.116
Telephone +49 6221 64 73 265 Send an email